Pelican Luciano

Order of the Pelican document for Luciano Foscari

Text based on 1459 grant of arms to John Alfrey and other 15th C english grants. Layout and decoration based on 1456 grant of arms to the London Tallow Chandlers' Guild. Oak gall ink, gouache, gesso, gold leaf on Pergamenata. 14" x 10"

Charter of the London Tallow Chandlers' Guild


To all present and to come who these letters shall see or hear, Richenda du Jardin otherwise called Black Lion Herald of An Tir sends health with all humble commendations. Equity requires and reason ordains that men virtuous and of noble courage be rewarded for their merits by renown and may be in places of great honor perpetually shining before others by certain signs and shows of honor and gentility. That is to say of blazon, helmet and crest, in order that by their example others may the more endeavor perseveringly to spend their days in fruitful service and other virtuous works to attain renown of ancient gentility. And therefore Styrkarr King and Stjarna Queen of An Tir, who, by common renown as well as by the testimony and report of other noble men and women worthy of credence, are truly advised and informed that Luciano Foscari has long performed honorable work and virtuous deeds, and as well in this as in other his affairs, has borne himself valiantly and conducted himself honorably, have declared that he has deserved well and is well worthy that henceforth, perpetually and for ever, he may be in all places honorably admitted, renowned, counted, numbered and received among the number and in the company of the Order of the Pelican. For the remembrance of this his gentility, I Black Lion Herald abovesaid certify that the said Luciano Foscari bears the blazon helmet and crest in the manner which follows. That is to say, Per fess enarched gules and argent, two owls respectant argent and a monkey statant collared and chained vert. And to his timbre upon his helm, an owl argent, set upon a viscounty coronet, mantled vert doubled argent, as in the margin of the present does appear, to be used for ever more. In witness whereof I Black Lion Herald have signed with my hand, and sealed with the seal of my arms, these present letters. Made and given in Adiantum, the day of the translation of St Pietro Orseolo, in the year of our society forty-nine, and the first year of the reign of Styrkarr and Stjarna our most redoubted sovereigns. In testimony whereof, we Styrkarr and Stjarna above named have set our hands and affixed our seal.

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